EPDM Roof Repair & Installation

Getting New Roofing

Whenever it is time to get new roofing, it can be hard to figure out what the best one is. There are so many different kinds that you might not know what is good and what isn’t. The good news is most of them offer multiple benefits, so it’s hard to make the wrong decision, regardless of the type of roof you have in place. This is also the type of thing we can help you with at Blue Springs Commercial Roofing.

We have been working on roofs for decades in the area, and we work with all the major types on the market. One option that is good quality if you are interested in single ply membranes is EPDM Roofing. This can protect your roof and isn’t hard to maintain either. We are experienced with EPDM Roofing in Tulsa, OK, so feel free to count on us. Reach out to us at 918-280-9661 to get a quote.


We are able to do EPDM installation on your roof, but there are other things we can provide too. For example, if you have a roof coating that isn’t working as intended, or the time has come for you to get a recoat done, we are able to do EPDM replacement. You may need this after the warranty runs out on your coating. If you still have a lot of life left on yours, we can perform EPDM repair, regardless of if the problems are small or large. We’ll be able to look at them and fix them in the proper manner.

We’re Available Today

Another great thing about EPDM is that this type of roofing can be installed in a short amount of time. You won’t have to see workers around for weeks or months, which can make the process less stressful for everyone. We do our best to work without impacting the operation of your business. This makes us distinctive from other commercial roofers out there. Keep us on your shortlist for EPDM Roofing in Tulsa, OK. We want to help you today, and we will never pressure you or up-sell you. As a matter of fact, all of our services are cost-effective because it is important to us to have competitive rates. Call us at 918-280-9661 to find out for yourself.