Do Cool Roofs Work?

A cool roof coating on top of a roof.

Information on Cool Roofs

Whether or not you have heard of a cool roof, they can be rather important if you live in a hot climate. This type of roofing is able to reflect heat, which can help when it comes to cooling down a building, even when there are sweltering temperatures outside. Here’s a look at other details concerning cool roofs, and information on how they may be a good choice for your business.

What are cool roofs made of?

A cool roof is made of reflective paint that is specialized to reflect the sun’s rays. When it comes to cool roofs and materials, they can be made from a number of different substances. You can check with your roofer to find out more information on the options that are available to you. Another thing to note is that a cool roof in summer is a good thing, since it will work best at that time of the year. Many times, cool roofs are tiles, which are made of clay, aluminum, and other substances that can be placed right onto a roof. They can also be in the form of coatings.

What color roof is the coolest?

According to research conducted by Berkeley, white roofs are the coolest type. They may be able to stay much cooler than dark colored roofs. White roofs can be quite suitable for commercial buildings, since they often have flat roofs that are sometimes hidden or unable to be seen from ground level. This isn’t the case for residential homes, which is where you may see cool roofs in a variety of colors.

What is cool roof technology?

Cool roof technology allows for the roofing to reflect not only the heat from the sun but also the harmful UV rays. This keeps hot temperatures outside, instead of inside the building, where they can cause you to have to blast the AC and incur high energy bills.

What does a cool roof look like?

Many cool roofs are white in color, although that isn’t always the case. Since this type of technology can be employed in a number of different ways, cool roofs can come in different colors and styles nowadays, instead of just classic white.

How do I keep my roof cool?

There are multiple ways to keep your roof cool even when temperatures rise. One way is by having Cool roofing installed. Another is to make sure that your work is free of holes, leaks, and any other blemish that may keep it from protecting your business properly. It is a good idea to have your roof checked occasionally, so you will always be aware of problems as they arise.

Cool Roof Benefits

Here are a few benefits associated with a cool roof.

  • Lower temperatures inside. When you have a cool roof, you can expect cooler temperatures inside your building. The hot air from outside will not be able to permeate inside the same way it would be able to if you were utilizing a different type of roofing.
  • Little maintenance required. Once you have a cool roof installed, there is not much more you will need to do. They are designed to last for a while and don’t require much upkeep. As long as you have a commercial roofer you can count on, a cool roof will be able to keep you sheltered for quite a long time.
  • Helps you save on energy costs. Since it won’t take as much energy to keep your building cool, this will lead to lower energy costs. The cool roof will be able to keep the hot air outdoors, where it belongs. You won’t have to overuse the air conditioner as much as you had to before you invested in this type of roof. This is why cool roof vs energy star is something that is relevant. In other words, energy star recognizes that there are cool roofs that allow you to be energy efficient.
  • Better for the environment. Using less energy is better than just saving money. By utilizing less energy, in turn, you will also be burning fewer fossil fuels. This is much better for the environment, which is something that you can be quite proud of.
Applying cool roofing


Getting a cool roof for your business is something that can be quite beneficial. Not only is this type of roof good for the environment, but also it is good for your bottom line. Since it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and can lower your energy costs, it is a product that is worth looking into. When you are in the market for a cool roof, consider contacting Blue Springs Commercial Roofing.

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