How Do You Repair a Rusted Metal Roof?

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Can you coat a metal roof?

The roof is an important component on any structure, commercial, industrial, or residential. Each of those structures have valuable contents, and for a commercial or industrial structure, there are customers, employees, equipment, supplies, and more. It is important to protect the roofing so that it can do its job of protecting these things. This includes taking proper care of a metal roofing in addition to having the right metal roof coating

Yes, in fact, metal roof coating is applied at the factory with metal roof coating equipment before the material ever gets to the jobsite. As the owner of structure with a metal roof, it is important to maintain the roof with re-coating it on a regular routine schedule. 

Why does a metal roof coating have to be reapplied? There are several reasons, starting with the climate and elements a roof is exposed to 24/7/365.  There are many advantages you will have by having metal roof coating reapplied.

  • Original warranty is expired.
  • Extend the lifespan.
  • Seal small leaks to avoid new roofing.
  • Improve appearance.
  • Keep more money in the bank.

What is the best metal roof coating and what is the best sealer for metal roofs?

A quality roof coating for metal roofing that is applied professionally can extend the lifespan of your metal roof and keep you from having to install a new roof too soon. There are many different types of metal roof coatings on the market that can remedy any seam cracks, nail holes, rust, or wind damage. Which one is the best is all dependent on what you need  for the climate and environment your building is located. Here are 4 products that come highly recommended by experts in metal roof coating: 

  • Sashco 14010: A clear, waterproof, ultra-flexible metal roof sealant will stop leaks and prevent future leaks. The clear product won’t hinder the color or design of the metal roof and can be applied with temperatures as low as 0°F, will stick to wet surfaces and is UV resistant. The elastic structure of this metal roof coating will flex with the temperature changes without cracking or drying out. 
  • Tuff-Guard Heat-Block: This metal roof coating is reflective with a bright white, making it UV resistant. The rubberized material is waterproof and excellent for extreme hot temperatures, providing 90% Thermal Emittance. 
  • Tuff-Guard ADV1-1GAL: This is a single component rubberized and waterproof metal roof coating is solvent-free and works on all surfaces. Great for filling those small cracks and holes or for full metal roof coating. It can be brushed, roller, squeegeed on dry or moist surfaces. Not recommended for roofs with foot traffic. Eco-friendly product with minimal odor.
  • Franklin 61781: This polymer formula is dustproof and waterproof and 

adheres to metal previously coated, aluminum, galvanized bonderized surfaces, glass, plastic, and steel. Available in 50 colors, making it easy to match with a structure’s design. It is a durable metal roof coating that is durable in extreme cold temps with a high UV resistant property. 

Choose an experienced commercial roofing contractor that works with metal roofing, and they will advise which of these or other metal roof coating for leaks and sealing is right for your situation and structure. 

How do you take care of a metal roof?

For a commercial structure, the investment of a metal roof is a rewarding upgrade with a high ROI overtime. There is minimal maintenance required once you have a quality metal roof coating applied. With the following annual roof maintenance tips, you’ll be sure to enjoy the benefits of your metal roof: 

  • Annual Cleaning

This will remove any dirt, dust, mildew, mold, and other elements that can take away from the curb appeal as well as be potentially dangerous if left on the roof for years. Contact a professional roofing contractor that has experience in commercial metal roofing for a proper cleaning that won’t damage the roof. 

  • Keep Debris Cleared 

Annual metal roof cleaning is needed, but in between those cleaning, you need to make sure the drains and any gutters are clear of clogs and working properly. This means a monthly inspection for debris, leaves, sticks, and other things that can cause clogs. 

  • Keep Other Metal Off

How would other metals get on your commercial structure’s roof? There isn’t any way of knowing, but it happens, and a monthly inspection will give you the opportunity to remove anything that doesn’t belong on your metal roofing. 

  • Chipping Dents, Flaking, Scratches, Scuffing

The moment your monthly inspections discovers these, have a professional commercial roofing contractor re-apply a metal roof coating after making any repairs needed. 

  • Structural Maintenance 

This includes checking for any loose or missing screws, loose metal panels, curled corners, etc. If any are discovered either make the needed repairs or call a professional roofing contractor. 

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Can metal roofs rust?

Yes, for all its attributes of being energy-efficient, fire-resistant, lightweight, long-lasting, versatile, and wind-resistant, metal roofing will rust.  Especially in areas like Tulsa, Oklahoma where snow can accumulate, and the rains are hard and heavy. This is why a quality metal roof coating is important. This coating will provide a protective layer for the metal but not impede the attributes that it offers. 

As the owner of a structure with metal roof, cost is always a concern. So, how much does it cost to coat a metal roof?  This will depend on the square footage and the structural stability (any repairs needed first) of the current roof.  For a quality coating that is applied professionally you can expect a minimum cost of $3 per square foot for the labor plus the metal roof coating material. Call 918-280-9661 today for your metal roofing repair or replacement in Tulsa, OK.