Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Overhead view of workers adding coating onto a roof.

Opt for a Coating

In terms of roof coatings, there are so many to choose from. One of the most noteworthy types is elastomeric coating. It is a great solution for certain commercial roofs. This type of roofing offers multiple benefits, and it will keep your roof safe for many years. At Blue Springs Commercial Roofing, we have the expertise it takes to install Elastomeric Roofing in Tulsa, OK.

In fact, we work with many different types of roofing, and can explain which one is the right choice for your business. Contact us at 918-280-9661 to learn more about this product or different types of coatings we have available.

Elastomeric Benefits

If you are wondering why you may want elastomeric coating application performed on your roof, you might be interested to know that the maintenance required with this type of coating is easy. It holds up well and it won’t take long to repair, whenever the need arises. Besides that, it offers protection from wind and water, which can be a real issue whenever tornadoes arise unexpectedly. Additionally, it can keep small parts from coming off and making cracks or something worse. It will also hold up under UV rays and other harmful things that are in the air. You can expect your Elastomeric Roofing to be energy efficient, which can save you money in all seasons.

Contact Us for Advice

Anytime you are interested in getting a roof coating placed on your business, we can be there to guide you through the process. We know what to do and we know how to complete this sort of job in a timely manner. We can be the company you trust to install Elastomeric Roofing in Tulsa, OK. We have the expertise to get started and are able to get the work completed as soon as possible. If you end up wanting a different type of coating, we can work with those as well. We are skilled at working on commercial roofs of all sorts, including industrial, flat-roofed, and metal buildings. Call us at 918-280-9661 when you’re ready to make a decision. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what you need to know and provide you with the advice you need.

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We installed a full metal restoration roofing system on this building. The existing roof was a standing seam snaplock metal. The new roof system eliminated a host of leaks with out the hefty price tag of an all new metal roof.
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