Single Ply Roof Installation

Single Ply Roofing Options

When you think of roofing types, in many cases, you may think about single ply options. This type is often seen on residences and often features asphalt shingles, as well as other types of shingles. For commercial roofing, it is a bit different. There are different substances used, and they are quite strong as well. You can always count on us at Blue Springs Commercial Roofing for Single Ply Roof Installation in Tulsa, OK.

We are certified to work with single ply roofing and we can assist you with a number of other roofing jobs as well. If you are curious about other services we offer, call us at 918-280-9661 for information.

Need Repairs Done?

If you have an existing single ply roof, we can provide Single Ply Roof Repair, in certain situations. This includes jobs that are easy and those that may be more challenging. If you want to hire us to inspect your roof and determine what needs to be done to keep it in tiptop shape, this is something that is in our wheelhouse as well. We know the proper way to approach many different situations, which can come in handy in terms of repairs. Our team can handle them quickly and efficiently.

EPDM and TPO Roofs

Two of the most popular types of commercial single ply options are EPDM and TPO roofing. EPDM is a great choice if you are worried about the weather conditions and the impact that they have on your roof. It is also well suited for hot temperatures, which can be a major factor in this region. On the other hand, TPO roofs are similar and are able to resist UV rays. This means they will also improve the cooling of your business, since the roof won’t be making the building hotter than necessary.

Ask About Our Installation Process

We have a simple and well-tested way that we provide Single Ply Roof Installation in Tulsa, OK. We start by cleaning the surface of your roof and making sure it is ready for the single ply layer to be applied. Then we apply it. After that time, we weld all the seams and seal all the edges, to make the installation water tight and better able to hold up against the weather. This process is something that works well and keeps your roof intact for many years. You can rely on us to install your new roof, whether it is single ply or not. We actually work with all types of commercial roofing, as well as an array of coatings, so there is more than likely something that will provide you with the coverage you are looking for. Contact us at 918-280-9661 when you need help with your roof or are in the market for new single ply roofing. We have you covered.

Stephen Hertzler
We installed a brand new insulated commercial PVC roofing system at Sofa City. The leaks in this large roof immediately stopped and the heating was used far less to keep the business at the same temperature due to the efficiency of the new roof system.
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